Triangular Arbitrage


Exchange 1:   Currency:   Quantity:   Market (optional):  
Exchange 2:   Exchange 3:  
Include Negative:   Include Reverse:  

- Select an Exchange from the "Exchange 1" drop down.
- Select a currency to sell from the "Currency" drop down.
- Set amount of currency to sell in the "Quantity" field, or use 100 to calculate percentage.
- Optionally, select a specific market from "Market" drop down.
- Select an exchange from each "Exchange 2" and "Exchange 3" drop down.
- Optionally, check "Include Negative" and/or "Include Reverse".
- Submit query.

Currency - Currency to sell.
Quantity - Amount of currency to sell. Use default of 100 to calculate percent.
Market (optional) - Specific market to begin with. Use default "All Markets" to calculate all.
Include Negative - Include triangles whether profitable or not. Only profitable opportunities are displayed by default.
Include Reverse - Include reverse triangles. Only forward arbitrage opportunities are displayed by default.

NOTE: Base currencies on large exchanges (ie; Binance, Hotbit ) may take longer to process. To dramatically speed up queries, select an optional 'Market'. Fees are not considered. Volume is not considered. Wallet status is not considered.